Why Filipina women are highly sought after

In the filipino family social setting, the head of the household is often the filipina wife rather than men. The Filipina wife is expected to handle just about everything and this give Filipina women a sense of empowerment. Most married Filipina women are very responsible and caring towards their family.

Are Filipina women better wife than western women?

There are no right or wrong answers however due to different cultural differences and upbringing, Filipina woman is more grateful and appreciative for the simple things in life.

Western women especially American women tend to be too strongly opinionated and fiercely independent for some. On the other hand, Filipina women do not try to take over the marriage and try to control their husband. That is one of the traits that make filipino woman so seductive and attractive .

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Almost all men around the world prefer a woman who are a bit delicate in terms of emotional and financial needs. Filipina woman often show that she need the protection of a man who can demonstrate his abilities as a husband to provide her financially and shower her with love.

Higher educated western women are more concerned about being a career woman and proving equality. Western women tend to neglect their husband and children in their pursue of being a career woman.

Filipino woman will do the dishes, laundry and cook for her husband without any complaints because of Asian cultural upbringing where husband bring the money home and wife’s role is to take care of her husband and her children.

Upbringing of a Filipino girl

Filipino women are brought up with very good family values such as humility. In the Philippines, filipino girls are taught that family is more important than a high paying career whereas Amercian girls are brought up to become confident and independent.

Filipino women fallacy

There is a misconception that filipino ladies are ideal marriage partner because they are subservient and obedient. Caring for her husband and doing household chores does not mean being submissive. A successful marriage also depends on how you are treat and respect your spouse.

Why Filipina women are attractive

A Filipino woman will do her best to keep her family happy and together. She will put her kids and her husband before herself by taking good care of them. Unlike western women who are obsessed with seeking equality and proving themselves, which often result in “liberating” themselves right out of the marriage market ie divorce.

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