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There are many young and beautiful Chinese women in the big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen who are willing to have a causal relationship.These young Chinese girls are usually under 26 years old, well-educated, upwardly mobile Chinese women. Most of them are not marriage-minded and they are searching for a mutually satisfying short-term relationship.

Why Chinese girls are alluring

Chinese girls do not always try to put you down unlike western women. Most of them are genuinely polite and open minded. Their shyness may give off a mystique that is captivating and may sweep off your feet. These add a certain exotic aura to them and their friendliness are confidence boosting for some foreigners.

For western men looking for a relationship with Chinese girls, it is an encouraging experience for foreign men who are being shunned by women in their own countries. However please be aware of the social taboos or faux-pas as dating in China is entirely different from the west.


Young Chinese women dating beliefs

Chinese young adults in Beijing and Shanghai may be trying to emulate the same sexual freedom and social acceptance found in western countries. Young Chinese are well-informed by their awareness of the Western world around them through movies, popular cable tv programs and the internet.

Young Chinese girls do not subscribed to the idea that people should remain a virgin before getting married. They regard this as an old and obsolete tradition practice by the older generation.

If you come across a Chinese girl who is not particularly interested in security and dependability, then she is only looking to have a ‘good time’ aka friends with benefits type of relationship.

However most of Chinese women know the consequences of dating a foreigner. The vast majority of Chinese men will automatically eliminate any Chinese girl who has dated a Westerner as a viable marriage partner.

Some Chinese girls may prefer foreign men depending on their particular preferences. However once they reach a certain age (late twenties) they would feel that they have had their fun and want to find a man to settle down with leading to marriage and children.

What mature Chinese women want

Chinese women who are in late thirties are considered ‘old’ by Chinese dating standards. When searching for a suitable marriage partner, they tend to value security and dependability far more than physical attractiveness.

It is not that older Chinese women would not prefer a handsome young man, but because they do not have a choice as they are regarded as unattractive or “too old” by Chinese social standards.

Please be sure to ask them about their backgrounds as there are different types of Chinese women on the Chinese online dating websites. Examples include aging KTV girls, divorced women with children, gold diggers, visa hunters, wealthy married middle-aged women who are extremely lonely and bored and poor rural Chinese girls who are looking to improve their quality of life.

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