Why Chinese Women Are Attractive

Finding a Chinese woman as your ideal companion? Chinese women may be a bit different from Western ladies. Here are some facts you should know about Chinese women that makes them an ideal marriage partner.

Gentle Chinese woman

Gentle Chinese woman

Chinese women are very traditional and conservative

Chinese women are more cautious about talking and meeting strangers in Chinese online dating services. They are shy in communication and preferred to be more passive and reserved. Straight talking is a convern as they do not want to be seen as brash and inconsiderate.

Chinese women are very faithful and family-oriented

In fact, Chinese women are very loyal and faithful to their husband and families.  Show your sincerity by talking about she does in daily life, her difficulty in work and her family. When a Chinese woman feels that you care and sincere about her, she will think that you are the best choice for her.

Chinese women are gentle and considerate

Chinese women are always willing to share their partner’s pressure and sorrow. If you are having difficulty or trouble in life and work, do not be afraid to share your grievances. Chinese woman is more than happy to give you a listening ear and ready to give you encouragement, comfort and support.

By sharing your troubles, Chinese women do not see it as a weakness. Rather they perceive it as an honor to be able to shoulder and share your burdens.

Chinese women are virtuous and tolerant

Chinese women are very courteous, feminine and tolerant. She does not quarrel with you over trivial matter. In general, she can easily appease your anger whenever there is a misunderstanding.

However being tolerant doesn’t mean she will turn a blind eye to your frivolous behaviors, like every woman in this world she will also get jealous.

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Why Chinese women are attractive

With the increased number of Chinese internet users, you will find more Chinese ladies turning to internet for dating, friendship or relationship. The search for exotic love is not all plain sailing as you have to navigate through the treacherous water of Chinese online dating services and some over zealous Chinese women.

Characteristic of Chinese women

demure-chinese-womanChinese ladies are generally physically attractive and usually slender because of Asian diet. As in a Chinese traditional family, Chinese women are treated as homemaker where the men will be the sole breadwinner.

Chinese women knows how to take care of their men unlike western women who are more independent. Chinese girls tend to speak softly and their gentle demeanor makes them very charming.

Chinese woman are extremely faithful and devoted to their partner once the relationship is established. The reason is because the sense of shame is too immense for them to become a flirt.

Why Chinese women prefer western men

sexy-chinese-ladyThere are always some who has ulterior motives who proclaimes to ‘love’ you but for your wallet and your bank account.

However a Chinese woman really appreciates western men because of the politeness and respect that they received, something they do not often get from Chinese men.  Chinese girls also love being equal partners in their inter racial relationships.

Where to find real Chinese women online?

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There is a ready pool of singles looking for dating from China. ChineseLoveLinks includes numerous chat services where members will surely find Chinese women for marriage, a Chinese girl friend and most importantly start a lasting loving relationship with their selected Chinese singles.

ChnLove.com Videos

Here are videos of Real Beautiful Chinese women in ChnLove.com with their membership ids and name. Find out how you can contact them by reading below.

Here’s some eye candy with love from a China woman in ChnLove.com

Seriously, these Chinese ladies in ChnLove.com need some brushing up on their english. Here’s the whole monologue if you can’t get what she said.

“Hello I’m Lyndia… I’m a sun shining girl
I’m happy to see you in Xiyao
If you like me, please write a letter to me. thanks!”

How to write her a letter?
If you want to contact Chinese ladies in ChnLove.com, there there are both free and paid methods.

Free Methods

  • Cupid Note
    You can also send her a Cupid Note for free and get to know how she feels about you.
  • Admiration Letter
    List your profile in Chnlove service providers and let China ladies write to you first. Find out who’s interested in you.

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  • Express-EMF Mail
    Your can send her an online mail using the Express-EMF Mail Forwarding service. In this case, Chnlove service providers will call and invite her to pick up your mail at the office. free translation service will be provided for her if she encounters any difficulties reading or replying to your mail.
  • Address Request
    Get the China lady’s contact information and contact her privately.

What is ChnLove.com?

Chnlove.com was founded in 1998, cooperating with local marriage agencies across major cities in China. ChnLove.com have helped thousands of western male singles realize their dreams. Almost 10 years’ of efforts make them the largest and trusted service platform in this online dating/marriage service.

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ChineseLoveLinks.com Review Part 3

In this instalment, we will explore tips and tricks to gain more attention from single Chinese woman in ChineseLoveLinks.com. You will also discover how to chat with Chinese girls for free.

ChineseLoveLinks.com Tips and Tricks

Do you know that you can show your interest in another member with a simple click? When you come across a ChineseLoveLinks member that caught your eye, your can easily initiate contact and let her be known that you are interested in her.

ChineseLoveLink member profile

There is always a “Show Interest” button below every ChineseLoveLink member profile.

How to Chat for FREE in ChineseLoveLinks.com

As you might not know, if you are a FREE standard member in ChineseLoveLinks, there are many constraints regarding online chatting and communicating with other members.

If both of you are FREE Standard members, the opposite member will NOT be able to read the mail message that you have sent unless one of you upgrade to a paid membership.

One way to go around is to search for those ChineseLoveLinks members who have paid memberships. Premium subscriptions are “GOLD” and “Platinum” members. Look for ChineseLoveLink gold member beside their member profile.

ChineseLoveLink chat email

If you are lucky, there are some Chinese ladies who are pretty and have a premium membership. However it is up to your skills of communication to have success chatting with them.

ChineseLoveLink chinese girls01  ChineseLoveLink chinese girls02 ChineseLoveLink chinese girls03

ChineseLoveLink chinese girls04  ChineseLoveLink chinese girls05 ChineseLoveLink chinese girls06

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ChineseLoveLinks.com Review Part 2

In this review of ChineseLoveLinks.com, we will briefly explore the ChineseLoveLinks member control panel and its various functions. After you have sign up as a FREE member, you will be able to access a simple and easy to navigate control panel.

ChineseLoveLinks.com Control Panel

One of the exciting feature about ChineseLoveLinks.com is the “Who is interested in me?” If you have written a good headline, upload a good screenshot of yourself and constantly logging in, your chances of China girls showing an interest in you is high.

ChineseLoveLink control panel

Look below for a screenshot of Chinese women showing an interest. For a conservative culture like China, the act of declaring an interest in opposite sex members only happen in online dating scene.

ChineseLoveLink Show interest

ChineseLoveLinks.com Video Gallery

You can watch videos of Chinese women from your control panel but there is a catch; you have to be a paid platinum member. You can select the age range of the Chinese ladies members but you will be surprised that some pictures may appear older than their declared age.

ChineseLoveLink video gallery

Most of the Chinese girls in video gallery are young and sweet but there are also mature Chinese ladies looking for some love. These China girls live in various part of Chinese provinces and major cities like Guangdong Shaanxi, Beijing, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Shanghai.

ChineseLoveLink China girls 1  ChineseLoveLink China girls 2  ChineseLoveLink China girls 3

If you are looking for some exotic Asian online dating, ChineseLoveLinks is a good way to start and explore.

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