Shortage of Chinese Women in China

During 2000 to 2010, the average gender ratio of newborn babies was 110 males to 118 females. There are 34 million more Chinese men than Chinese women in China. By 2020, 24 million young Chinese men may not find a marriage partner.

Why Chinese male babies are preferred

One of the common reasons why Chinese males are preferred is because of the social culture that having a son can carry on a family’s name. However the cost of bringing up a son in China is very high because Chinese men have to fork out large sum of money (one to two million yuan) to buy a house before they can marry their girlfriends.

Young Chinese women hot in demand

Due to the three decades of China’s one-child policy, the widening gender gap may cause social issues. When there are more young Chinese males, Chinese women in the marriage market have the luxury of picking and choosing the most highly desirable men. This will leave those unwanted Chinese men without any marriage prospects.


young sweet Chinese girls from China

The potential for social tensions may be more rampant since millions of single young Chinese males have no chance of marrying a Chinese woman.

The outcasts single young Chinese males will develop low-self esteem, sexual frustration which may lead to sexual aggression. Cross-cultural evidence shows that young, unmarried low status males are more most likely to commit sexual violence.

Smart beautiful Chinese women

Chinese women in China have proven themselves to be valuable in the society, Chinese females in the cities such as Shanghai, Chengdu now match or even surpass men in their economic contribution to their family and the society.

Young single Chinese women are graduating from university at same rate as men, Chinese women make up nearly 40% of MBA students at top-ranked programmes in prestigious Chinese universities.

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Dating China Chinese Girls Online

If you are looking to date Chinese girls online or searching for a Chinese woman soulmate, you had better know their top three criteria for a marriage partner. With the proliferation of Internet in China, young Chinese girls and women are flocking to online Chinese dating websites searching to explore their new found freedom.


Chinese women top 3 criteria

According to the All-China Women’s Federation survey, 70% of China’s Chinese women want their prospective suitor to own a house.

  1. emotional connection
  2. economic conditions
    –owning a home
  3. ability to work
    –stability of job

Chinese women felt that owning a home is a prerequisite for those seeking marriage. While some may castigate Chinese women for being materialistic and too focused on the economics of tying the knot.

Why China Chinese women are cherry picking

China Chinese women of marrying age are in short supply because of of its one-child policy. This huge gender imbalance among the China’s younger generation means that an estimated 24 million China men are fated to remain in bachelorhood by 2020.

Now that Chinese women are aware they are holding the trump cards in the online dating singles market, they can afford to screen and cherry pick their suitors. As China is becoming an economic powerhouse, Chinese women are facing today’s highly materialistic society, it is natural for them to be practical.

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How to tell the difference between Chinese girls and Korean girls?

Differences between Chinese girls and Korean girls?

In the online dating scene, you will probably be looking at only pictures of Chinese girls or Korean girls. However most men from European countries might get easily confused between Chinese and Korean girls. They may all look the same and classified them as Asian women with slanted eyes.

You can easily tell apart between Chinese girls from China and native Korean girls from Korea. It’s mainly the facial structures but not necessarily the size and shape of  their eyes. Chinese and Korean girls can have small or big eyes.

Chinese girls from China


Chinese girls are the most natural beauty and they preferred less make up while Korean girls are into cuteness and they are immaculately dolled up.

Korean girls


Interwining history of Korea and China

Koreans take pride in their country’s continuous survival against foreign invasions, however Korea was finally invaded by the Manchus in 1627 after which the Joseon dynasty recognized the suzerainty of the Qing dynasty of China.

Due to the closeness of the borders and past history of both countries, Korean culture was based on the philosophy of Confucian principles from China. Buddhism and the written Chinese script was brought to Korea by the Chinese.

“Chinese” actually includes a lot of different races and languages. Mandarin is the spoken language in China and there is only  one type of written language . The majority of ethnic group are Han Chinese.

Migration and  interbreeding caused Koreans to look like Chinese people.  “Chinese” should be used in the same way as “European” and not in the same way as “English” or “French”.

Physical appearances

To be honest, you can’t really tell. There are Chinese women who have big round eyes, some who have double eyelids, some doesn’t have slit/slanted eyes.

Most Chinese women have porcelain white complexion compared to Korean girls who are more tanned.

The majority of Korean girls don’t have natural double eyelids therefore it is very common for Korean women to have plastic surgery on their nose and eyes.

Fashion and dressing

With the luxury brands such as GUCCI, Louis Vuitton established in China, Chinese girls from big cities such as  Beijing, Guangzhou are more affluent and are more likely to be dress well. However there are still plenty of Chinese girls from countryside who like to wear traditional cheongsam for their online profile pictures and many need a lot of catching up in their fashion sense.

Korean girls are more fashion forward and they are more likely to doll up with heavy makeup. Long fake eyelashes, pink glossy lipstick, curly brown or highlighted tresses are the norm.

Cultural appearances

To avoid generalizing and giving stereotypical answers, as individuals, Chinese girls and Korean girls are all different depending on their personality and culture influences.

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Wanted Chinese Women For Chinese Men

Scarcity of Chinese girls are a growing problem for Chinese men.  According to a study published online by the British Medical Journal, by year 2020 China will have increasingly more men than Chinese women of reproductive age.

Why is there a shortage of Chinese women?

There are two main reasons for the growing gender gap. China’s one child policy and the Chinese traditional preference for males are the two reasons why the China population gender balance are skewed. Baby boys  are highly regarded in a Chinese family because only the male can carry on the family name.

available single Chinese girls for dating

available single Chinese girls for dating

Sex selective birth by Chinese women

Parents are biased and in favor of a male offspring and the gender imbalance are caused by couples’ decisions to abort female fetuses. In 2005  census study, births of boys in China exceeded births of girls by more than 1.1 million.

The normal male-female ratio of a country should be between 103-107 for every 100 females.  In China, the figure has reached 116 boys for every 100 Chinese girls with as many as 140 Chinese boys in the rural areas.

Effect of growing numbers of Chinese women

There are two ways you can look at it. There are more choices for Chinese men to choose their dating and marriage partners. Or there are more competitions in the search for Chinese women with the potential surplus of 24 million highly hormones charged Chinese men without mates.

You could imagine the worst case scenarios; rising crimes against Chinese ladies such as kidnapping and rape. However Chinese men are already taking evasive actions. Chinese men are actively looking for foreign brides, marrying much younger Chinese girls or older Chinese women.

Where to find Chinese women online?

There are a number of online dating services that specifically cater to Chinese and Asian women singles. Below are some Chinese online dating websites.

How to have a successful online relationship with Chinese women

How to have a happy ending with Chinese women and make it work? Below are some useful tips that can help you gain headstart out of the cross-cultural relationship.

Tip #1: Know more about Chinese Culture

It’s better to be well prepared with some knowledge of Chinese culture and their values. You will never want to turn off a Chinese lady with your behavior or with your words unintentionally.  Chinese women has a certain views and expectation towards a marriage.


Tip #2: How to bridge the cultural gap

Communicating with a Chinese women is important as there is always the language barrier. Do not depend too much on translators or online translation as some of the meanings will be lost through translation service. It is at your best interests to pick up some basic Chinese converstion phrases. This will show that you are committed and leave a Chinese woman a good impression.

Tip #3: Be proactive

You should not simply sit back and let things happen. Chinese woman likes a man to be in control and by spending sometime to get to know her, you are showing a Chinese lady that you are making a commitment to yourself and her own happiness.

Starting a cross cultural relationship with someone from another faraway country can be very exciting but you have to use your own judgement and common sense.

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