Understanding China Chinese Women

Almost all young Chinese women prefer local native Chinese men for dating or marriage. Young Chinese girls would consider dating a foreigner if the right one came along. However their parents would never agree to their daughter dating or marrying a foreigner.  Cultural differences leading to problems and difficulty in communicating with each other are some reasons why Chinese girls still prefer dating Chinese men.

Which type of Chinese girls seek foreign men

For those Chinese women who are deemed by Chinese society as ‘expired’ (age 30 onwards) or ‘leftover’ (divorcee), foreign men provide an attractive alternative to these Chinese women who feel they are not highly desirable enough to attract Chinese men.

Women who are considered to be ugly or just mediocre in appearance by Chinese social standards : Chinese women with darker-toned skin and Chinese women of minority race.

There are huge differences between how westerners and Chinese perceived beauty and attractiveness. For example, Zhang Ziyi and Lucy Liu are popular and well-received in the west however people in China do not consider Zhang Ziyi and Lucy Liu as beautiful.


In fact they are look upon as ugly by Chinese standards of beauty. The reason is because Chinese men desire women with big round eyes, fair porcelain skin and long straight hair. Unlike western stereotypical preference for Asian women who are petite and with slanted eyes.

Why divorced Chinese women are seen as undesirable by Chinese society

Women who are divorced and the problem worsened if they have a child. Although times have changed, Chinese men still scoffed at Chinese women who are divorced.

The reason is because : Chinese believed that marriage is for life and they view marriage very seriously unlike in the west. Moreover Chinese men viewed divorced Chinese women with children as “leftover”, they do not want to carry the burden of raising children that are not their own.

The Chinese believed that whatever the difficulties the couple have encountered, the husband and wife must endure and work on their problems instead of choosing divorce as an easy way out. Instead of finding ironic and lame excuses like incompatibility ( if you are incompatible with your partner why marry him/her in the first place? you should quit during the dating process)

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