Thailand Women Characteristics

Many foreign men are attracted to Thai ladies because of their natural feminine ways compared to the independent strong-willed personality of a western woman. Men will always like women who are a little fragile and need the help of a man who can lend a helping hand.

Asian women are culturally ingrained to serve the needs of her husband and her family. The majority of Thai women do not have much initiative as they like to seek out a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle with her family and friends. You will soon discover that the working environment of Thailand women will influence their traits and personalities.


Mainstream Thai women characteristics

Generally speaking, the traditional Thai woman are faithful and loyal to their lover. Most of mainstream Thailand women will spend money wisely and prudently. Traditional mainstream Thailand woman will be more responsible with maintaining a nice home for her partner and helping out with household chores.

Most Thai woman value peace and harmony with her lover rather than an ambitious man. If conflicts and disagreement arises, Thai woman will generally endure or smile rather than provoke a direct confrontation.

Chinese Thai women characteristics

If you meet a Thai woman who are extremely fair with porcelain complexion, she is probably of  Chinese descent whose parents are both from immigrant families from China.

pictures of thailand Chinese girls

pictures of thailand Chinese girls

Many Thai Chinese girls are hardworking and often study hard enough to get into university. Most of Thai Chinese ladies are highly intellectual and value education highly. You can have the best of both world: a highly intelligent Thai lady with traditional Thai values.

Thai ladies characteristics

Thai girls from rural areas tend to show a lack of ambition and you will probably think that they are lazy. Most of Thai ladies who work in entertaintment arenas and tourist hotspots are seeking a better life or maybe a foreign man who can take care of her. So be aware that these Thai ladies are merely friendly to you because of money.

Then there are westernized Thai ladies who would lurk in Thai online dating services hoping to get a foreign boyfriend. However the question is why search for a westernized girl in Thai online dating websites? If you are attracted to Thai ladies, then you must somehow attracted to their traditional feminine and demure personalities.

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