Why Attractive Filipino Girls Play Hard To Get

In the filipino dating culture, a filipina lady will be term as a “malandi” (flirt), if she go out on a date with several men. This type of  behavior is taboo in Filipino courtship culture

Courting a Filipino lady

In the traditional Filipino courtship, Filipina women are expected to be “pakipot” (playing hard to get) because it is seen as an appropriate behavior. However due to the proliferation of Filipino online dating sites like FilipinoCupid.com, many Filipina women have taken the initiative to pursue men.


The main reason of playing hard to get is to subtly hint to the courtier that he has to work hard to win her love. This is also one way measuring a Filipino’s admirer’s honesty and perseverance. Some Filipino courtships may last for several years before the Filipina woman accepts her man’s love.

Difference between Filipino courtship and western dating

In the Philippine dating culture, courting a young Filipino girl is not as direct as walking up to her and asking for her number like in some Western countries.

If you are seen as too aggressive and chauvinistic, you may turn off the filipina woman. Friendly group dates are often the starting point. The courtier should be discreet and friendly before going out with her on individual dates. If the Filipino couple decided to reveal their relationship public, they will then proceed to tell their family and friends.

Modern Filipino courtship

With the expanding internet broadband connections, many Filipino girls could go online to search for her ideal marriage partner.  Modern communication tools like email, mobile phones, text messages, instant chat between two lovers speed up the courtship process. The faster you can connect with her, the faster you can win her heart.

Filipina Mail Order Bride

Although there are some places where you can take part in Philippine marriage tour packages, nothing beats dating a Filipino girl online to get to know her better.

Filipina ladies are often labeled stereotypically as “Filipino Mail Order Bride”. This is grave misconception that insulting to native  Pinay. Please do not harbour mistaken beliefs about Filipina women. Not all Filipino girls are docile and submissive girlfriends as described , they’re only looking for a man who acts like a man and treats them like a lady.

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Filipino Friend Finder Review Part 8

In this Filipino Friend Finder Review, you will learn how to attract Filipino women and become the center of attention in this Filipina dating site.

You will discover how to enhance your Filipino FriendFinder online profile by adding a bit of glitz. Learn how to highlight your emails and online profile in search listings. You will definitely increase your chances by standing out from the crowd and attract potential filipino women like bees to honey !


How to attract Filipino ladies in Filipino FriendFinder

The basic step is to update and improve your online profile. Your online profile headline should grab attention and show that you  are a real person.

  • Upload a decent photo of yourself smiling. Yes a person smiling in photograph is more attractive than the one who don’t
  • Don’t be lazy and just grab any pictures that show you and your good buddy, it will be confusing for the Filipino girl

Is your introduction as well written? If not, maybe it’s time to improve your profile. To get ideas, look at popular members in Filipino FriendFinder and see what you like what about theirs. It is okay to borrow good ideas, just don’t copy exactly

How to highlight your online profile and be the center of attention

Now you can make your Filipino FriendFinder online profile stand out from the thousands with Search and Email Highlights. Your profile will appear with a bright yellow highlight on search pages and catches the eyes of potential Filipina girls partners.

Furthermore you can have more attention-grabbing, any email that you send out will appear in the recipient’s mailbox with a yellow highlight. Make your email stand out in filipino ladies inbox with an email highlight.

Plus, Silver members enjoy useful tools and privileges, like being able to:

* Access complete profiles.
* Watch video introductions.
* Initiate email to any filipino girls you like

Remember: your profile is the way to attract a great woman’s attention, so make it the best you can.

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Filipino Courtship Customs Part 2

More young Filipino girls are shunning traditional ways of courtship customs however avoidance of pre marriage sex by couples is still highly valued. Filipino courtship customs are still milder or more conservative compared to Western forms of dating.

Traditional Filipino courtship customs

The traditional customs of courting a Filipina girl is a long and arduous process. A Filipina girl will play hard-to-get when suitors expressed their interest in them. No matter how much she likes the man, she has to show utmost restraint and disinterest.

Modern Filipino courtship customs

Group dates are common among Filipina youth, however picking up a Filipina girl from the street is socially unacceptable. Filipina girls prefer to mingle around opposite sex through mutual friends’ introductions.

Most of young Filipino women are more liberal compared to olden days although they are still very religious.


Sassy Filipino girls are more passionate

From the olden days of playing hard to get and showing restraint, young Filipina women are now more adventurous and bold in showing their interest to their prospective partners. For example, using online dating services such as FilipinoCupid, Filipino women do not hesitate to display their affection to prospective partners by clicking the ” Show interest” button.

If you have just upload a profile photo and lucky enough, you could be inundated with dozen of Filipina girls showering you with their love.

Filipino courtship using technology

The cheapest and fastest way to communicate with the opposite sex is texting of messages through mobile phones. Flirting or sending romantic text messages is the most popular way in the Philippines. Prepaid cards can be bought cheaply in the Philipppines as not all areas have internet connectivity.

Online social websites such as Facebook allow them to chat or make new friends online. Most of Filipino online websites such as FilipinoCupid have online chat features that allow Filipina women to connect with each other.

Webcams and IM chat ( Instant messaging )

Free online chat or IM chat by Filipino FriendFinder is extremely popular among Filipino women. For those Filipina working abroad, this Free IM chat feature allow them to connect to their friends back in the Philippines.

Webcams or web videos are also popular tools to further enhance their online presence.

Let Filipina women shower you with their love

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Dating Filipino Women in Lingerie

Here’s some shocking news, Filipino ladies in sensuous, sometimes revealing lingerie photos of themselves. Some of them wear lacy lingerie such as Baby Doll, Garter Belt, Teddy, Bustier, Camisole, Chemise however Thongs and G-String panties are deemed as too steamy.

Now you can even view photos of sexy Filipina women in their nightwear or flirty peak-a-boo lingerie in FilipinoCupid. Times have changed, although there are still traditional, conservative Filipina ladies in the Philippines, modern Filipino ladies are more daring in the online dating services.

You will be amazed that some of these Filipina girls confessed to have very strict parents and they claimed that they have never been kissed or been touched.

Filipino Girls in Lingerie: New feature in FilipinoCupid

FilipinoCupid.com is always trying to create new features for its Filipino members. Now FilipinoCupid has created a special arousing gallery that feature its own female Filipina members wearing provocative yet sensual lingerie.


Most of photos feature Filipina ladies wearing intimate lingerie on their bed with suggestive postures.

Seductive Filipino Women in Nightwear

Some of the ravishing filipina women flaunt their voluptuous figures by uploading pictures in their FilipinoCupid.com online dating profile. Just browsing through the suggestive gallery will make your head spinning with burning ‘desire’.


Filipina Women Background

Filipina women are known for their friendliness and their ability to speak fluent English. Unlike other Asian ladies who are reserved and introverted, Filipina ladies are approachable and sociable.

Interpersonal communication is important especially through long distance online dating. For other Asian women, such as Chinese women, Vietnamese women, language is a barrier to effective interpersonal communications.

Filipino ladies’ captivating personality make them hot favorites among Asian online dating services. South East Asian women like Thailand girls, Chinese girls, Muslim women are more reserved towards making new friends for online dating.

Show your interest to Filipina Women in Lingerie

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Filipino Courtship Customs Part 1

If you are a foreigner looking to date or marry a filipina girl, make sure you are aware of the Philippine marriage traditions and dating customs. In the Filipino customs and rituals, nothing is as important as courtship and marriage in the Filipino culture.

There are many different kinds of courtship practiced in the Philippines according to different provinces.

Filipina women courtship

The process of filipino courtship start with a series of friendly dates. If a particular Filipina girl catches your eye, you should express your interest to the Filipino women in a discreet and friendly manner.

Avoid going up to a Filipina woman on a street as it is being perceived as aggressive and culturally not acceptable. Refrain from being arrogant or even condescending because of stereotypical “yellow fever” views.

Please always bear in mind that by courting a Filipina woman in the Philippines, you are also courting the filipino woman’s family.


Flirty and shy Filipino girls

During the filipino courtship process, a demure Filipina girl will play “hard to get” and act as if she is not interested so as not to come across as flirty even though she has feelings for her admirer.

Therefore if you are rejected once or twice, do not be disheartened as this behavior serves as a tool to test the admirer’s sincerity and seriousness of the relationship.

Courting Filipina women from Cebu province

This is particularly useful when you are dating a Filipina girl from Cebu province.

Pamanhikan – The Formal Proposal

The asking of the filipina girl’s hand in marriage is a serious matter. Therefore do not visit her parent’s house if you are not serious about the relationship.  Otherwise you are giving the impression that you are seeking her parent’s permission to marry their daughter.

The man will formally ask and seek blessings from her parents in order to marry their daughter. The date of the wedding and the dowry are discussed during this visit.

Setting the Filipino bride dowry

Some western men may feel uncomfortable when it comes to giving cash as dowry to her parents for marriage. However you must understand that for the Filipino, marriage is a union of two families, not just of two persons. Therefore, giving cash is a symbolic gesture of thanking her parents for bringing up her properly.

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