Online Dating Filipino Ladies

Filipino ladies in general are very nice people. Most of them are hardworking, generous and kind. However you have to be careful in filipino online dating and do not rush things until you know her for at least a period of six months to one year.

Take your time so that you are able to think clearly when you are going to pursue a relationship. Do not rush into marriage with the first few filipino girls that you met online. Do not wire or send any money to any filipino ladies online for whatever reasons that they give you.

What are the qualities of a Filipina woman

Filipinas ladies can be a very dedicated lover and they are loving,hardworking. Filipino woman would make a good wife and a very caring mother to their kids. This is due to filipino culture and strong catholic religious upbringing.

Filipino woman would try their very best to find ways and means to make their marriage working. Nowadays filipino girls generally fall for men who can provide them with economic security, love and companionship.

Where to find and chat with filipina girls?

It is preferable to take your time and take things slow by chatting with filipino girls online and getting to know them better. Chat with them or talk using phone lines. It is highly recommended to try the largest online dating FilipinoCupid below

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You will find many filipina women with webcams ready to chat online.

It will be even better if you have filipino friends in your country who could introduce you to filipina relative or friends in the Philippines. One of the advantages is that you would at least know her background like family situation, education etc…

If you really want to take things up to the next level, you need to go over there in the Phillippines. There are many honest filipino ladies who are sincerely looking for love and marriage.

Why Filipina women are highly sought after

In the filipino family social setting, the head of the household is often the filipina wife rather than men. The Filipina wife is expected to handle just about everything and this give Filipina women a sense of empowerment. Most married Filipina women are very responsible and caring towards their family.

Are Filipina women better wife than western women?

There are no right or wrong answers however due to different cultural differences and upbringing, Filipina woman is more grateful and appreciative for the simple things in life.

Western women especially American women tend to be too strongly opinionated and fiercely independent for some. On the other hand, Filipina women do not try to take over the marriage and try to control their husband. That is one of the traits that make filipino woman so seductive and attractive .

popular-filipino- girls

Almost all men around the world prefer a woman who are a bit delicate in terms of emotional and financial needs. Filipina woman often show that she need the protection of a man who can demonstrate his abilities as a husband to provide her financially and shower her with love.

Higher educated western women are more concerned about being a career woman and proving equality. Western women tend to neglect their husband and children in their pursue of being a career woman.

Filipino woman will do the dishes, laundry and cook for her husband without any complaints because of Asian cultural upbringing where husband bring the money home and wife’s role is to take care of her husband and her children.

Upbringing of a Filipino girl

Filipino women are brought up with very good family values such as humility. In the Philippines, filipino girls are taught that family is more important than a high paying career whereas Amercian girls are brought up to become confident and independent.

Filipino women fallacy

There is a misconception that filipino ladies are ideal marriage partner because they are subservient and obedient. Caring for her husband and doing household chores does not mean being submissive. A successful marriage also depends on how you are treat and respect your spouse.

Why Filipina women are attractive

A Filipino woman will do her best to keep her family happy and together. She will put her kids and her husband before herself by taking good care of them. Unlike western women who are obsessed with seeking equality and proving themselves, which often result in “liberating” themselves right out of the marriage market ie divorce.

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Facts about Oversea Filipino Women Workers

Due to rapid globalization, there are estimated total of 2.0 million Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) deployed all over the world from 2008 Survey conducted by the National Statistics Office.

Now this is the important fact; Of the total 12.8 million employed Filipino women in October 2006, around 3.5 million Filipino ladies are single. For those who are seeking lonely Filipino women singles who are working in the Philippines, this mean that there are plenty of opportunities for you.

Facts about Overseas Filipino women workers

There are more employed Filipina women who have attended or finished college compared to employed Filipino men.  Out of the 2 million Overseas Filipino workers in 2008:

  • there are estimated of 968, 000 female Filipina workers who are aged 25 to 34 years

Almost all of Overseas Filipino women workers comes from Luzon, CALABARZON (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon), NCR (Metro Manila) and Central Luzon.

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Where to find Overseas Filipino women workers

United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Hongkong are the top three countries that employed Overseas Filipino women workers. Of the total 968, 000 female Filipina workers, 16.5 percent were in United Arab Emirates, 14.4 percent in Saudi Arabia and 11.4 percent in Hongkong.

For men who are living in United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia and Hongkong, there are many Filipino women who are lonely and homesick, waiting to be showered with love.

Highly educated overseas Filipino women

  • Filipino women who are considered basically literate (who can only read and write) estimated at 26 million (90 in every 100women), higher than filipino men at an estimated 25 million (87 in every 100 men). This fact is evident in the elementary and high school completion rates where females were consistently higher than males.
  • Filipino women with numerical skills (functional literacy) were estimated at 25 million (86 in every 100 women), also higher than filipino men with numerical skill estimated at 24 million (82 in every 100 men).
  • Filipino female graduates accounted for 56.61 percent (149,246) while males accounted for 43.39 percent (114,388). Most of them are in Business Administration, medical, education and teacher training.

Professional overseas Filipino women

The percentage of licensed professional filipino women was higher at 57.72 percent than male licensed professional (40,922 vs. 63,547). Among the 63,574 filipina women professionals include;

  • Nurses accounted for the highest percentage at 43.27 percent (27,495)
  • Professional Teachers-Elementary Level at 43 percent

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Filipino Girls Chat Online

There are a few online Filipino dating services where many Filipino girls and filipina women gather together to chat with each other for free. Some of these Filipino women are working abroad and in order to keep in touch with fellow Filipina friends back in the Phillippines. Therefore if you want to chat with Filipino girls online, you need to be socially active and join them.

Where to chat with Filipino women online

Free online chat services like Filipino FriendFinder offer Instant Messenger, you just need a webcam or a microphone to start your online chat with them.

Learn how to utilize the free features such as video introductions, and using FilipinoFriendFinder Instant Messenger – these great tools should help you find your true filipina love.


Filipino FriendFinder will make your search for filipino ladies easy and fun

  • Access complete filipina women profiles, including a member’s self-description and what they are seeking in a partner
  • Watch video introductions, which can be so helpful in determining chemistry and compatibility
  • Initiate email – an important step in beginning a new relationship

How to get 5 times views on your online profile

Record a video introduction, and get up to five times as many views on your profile! One of Filipino FriendFinder most popular site features, member videos help your profile come to life and connect with other filipino members.

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Filipino FriendFinder helps you to connect with new people from around the world without the hassle of international calls. Using Filipino FriendFinder Instant Messenger is fun and fast way to chat with filipino women from around the world.

If your computer has a webcam, you can even see the filipino member you are talking to in real time. If you don’t have a webcam, considering buying one – they are inexpensive and easy to use. Turn on your microphone and you are tap into the  electronic highway: voice, video, and IM.

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How to search for your perfect Filipino girl date

Before you embark on your journey to find your perfect Filipina woman match, you must first understand how Filipina women think and their dating culture. Please erase those misconceptions about Filipino women that you have read over the internet and stories told by expatriates.

Negative misconceptions about Filipina women

  • Filipina Women prefer western men over native filipino men

Almost all Asian women not just Filipina women want to marry a man who can provide for her and a stable long lasting relationship. If you have read about those filipino girls targeting western men, then you have better stay clear of those gold-diggers.


filipino ladies from the the Phillippines

It is true that Filipino ladies perceived western men as more open and loving than native filipino men. However when it comes to marriage, a Filipina woman will seriously contemplate her future whether she is marrying a western man or a filipino man.

  • Filipina women likes older western men

Filipino ladies perceived older western men as more mature, not a “player” or a heartbreaker compared to young hormone raging men. Moreover older western men should be already financially stable with college education. It is not a coincidence that most of foreign western men who are looking for a filipino wife are above the age of forty years old.

  • Filipino girls are exotic submissive sexual partner

In reality, many Filipino women have advanced degrees of education and lead professional lives. With the widespread tales of adventures from some western men, you are misled into believing that a filipina woman’s only purpose in life is to fulfill some man’s wildest sexual fantasies.

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