Arab Dating Misconceptions

With the opening up of internet in Arab countries, more and more Arab singles are opting to sign up for online dating services. If you are interested in dating Arab singles, this article serves to help you clear up some stereotypes and misconceptions about the Arab world.

Arab Dating Misconception #1: All Arabs Are Muslims

This is a common view of western world that all Muslims are Arab and all Arabs are Muslims. Here is the truth; Arabs are a religiously diverse group.
There are also Arab Christians in countries such as Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, and Iraq. Arabs make up between 15-18% of the
Muslim world.

Arab Dating Misconception #2: All Arab Men Are Rich

We may have the wrong impression that all Arab men are “oil rich Sheiks”. Majority of them hold a wide variety of occupations similar to the western economy.

Arab Dating Misconception #3: All Arab Women Are Oppressed

Although the Arab customs are strict, the common perception that Arab women are oppressed by men. Iranian women are known to be forward thinking. Women in Iran were granted right to vote and admission to Iranian universities.  Since then, several Iranian women have held high-ranking posts in the government or parliament.

Arab Dating Misconception #4: All Arab Women Must Wear Veil

According to Islam, Arab women are supposed to wear veils.  However in some countries, like Lebanon, Syria and Egypt, they are free to choose
whether to wear veils.

By understanding and respecting Arab traditions, you can avoid unecessary misunderstandings when you are communicating with Arab singles.

Here are some Arab online dating sites to explore:

1) is the most popular Arab singles and friendship community ! Arab Lounge is the largest online Christian and Muslim dating service geared towards Arab men and women. couple couple

Click here to join ArabLounge FREE

Click here to join ArabLounge FREE

2) is a popular Muslim matrimonial and dating site that will connect you to Muslim singles living around the world. You can find decent beautiful Muslim women.

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muslima-dating-service Review Part 2

In the previous blogpost Review Part 1, we talk about ArabLoveLine registration process. Today, let’s explore ArabLoveLine member’s control panel.

ArabLoveLine member’s control panel

In the member’s control panel, the layout is confusing although we have to admit that the features are power packed. You can use their sleek features such as chatroom, music, videos, forum and blog. Here’s a preview of member control panel.

Arabloveline member control panel

ArabLoveLine member’s Video

You thought that you’ll be watching some videos of members making their introduction with their webcam. It was a such a letdown Why? There seems to be many videos about irrelevant subjects such as dancing and singing eg Britain got talent. Oh you’ll realized that these videos are grabbed from YOUTUBE.

Top Rated and Top Viewed Members

There is a handy feature where you can see who are the most viewed ArabLoveLine members. Below are some examples.

Most Popular Arab members

ArabLoveLine Chatroom

You need to sign up as a Premium Membership in order to access the chatroom. The subscription  for 1-month is USD24.95. There are no demostration of any kind so you do not know what interface you will be using.

ArabLoveLine Music

This is virtually non existant, you will be served as “SORRY No Results Are Found”. Probably a new site making progress.

ArabLoveLine Conclusion

The ratio of ArabLoveLine members are evenly distributed. 50% of the members are from USA and the rest came from Arabic countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Syria, Morocco etc. Interestingly there are also members from Muslims countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia seeking out Arabis singles.

Arabloveline girl Arabloveline Muslim girl

At any point of time, you can only see less than 20 members online and you’ll be seriously wondering to yourself if ArabLoveLine is yet another bogus online dating site. Hopefully time will tell. If you have any successful experience with ArabLoveLine please share with us in the comments.

By comparing ArabLoveLine to ArabLounge, click here if you have not read our Review, we would definitely think ArabLounge is much more deserving of your time.

Click here to read –> Review Part 1

Meet beautiful Arab Muslim girls seeking love and marriage. Click below to sign up for FREE…muslim-girls Review Part 1

What is all about? proclaims to be the top Arab online dating site for Arab singles to build real relationships. Let’s see if ArabLoveLine deliver what it promised.

ArabLoveLine for Arab singlesOn online dating site, you will be instantly connected to Arab singles from all walks of life, including Middle Eastern Muslim singles or Arab Christian singles from Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and United States.

Arab dating vs Middle East Traditions

Due to strict cultural restrictions, Arab women are discriminated from courtships and freedom of rights. Arranged marriages are a common sight in the Middle East (Muslim men and Muslim women). The lack of freedom to choose their own partners drove Arab men and women to Arab singles online dating sites to find their happiness.

Arab dating sites are more specific and they offer Arab singles many more choices than an arranged marriage would. They have complete freedom of choice and have a chance to get to know their potential partner.

ArabLoveLine arab girl  ArabLoveLine egyptian women  ArabLoveLine muslim girl registration process

Its easy to get started with the 3 step sign up process. #Step 1: Register your username and email address. Please remember what you have entered in the password column as you can login straight away after these three steps.

ArabLoveLine FREE sign up

In step #2: you need to fill up a lot of data about yourself and ArabLoveLine even ask for your postal/ zip code. But if you are wary of privacy issues, you can skip most of the part as they are not mandatory.

ArabLoveLine FREE sign up

In step #3: you are asked to upload a picture of yourself that is easily recognizable. But if you are in a hurry or can’t find a smiling photo of yourself, you can skip and press submit.

ArabLoveLine FREE sign up

A simple search result in revealed “top rated” Arab singles women.  Most of them are of mixed arab descent that are living in the United States.

ArabLoveLine arab woman  ArabLoveLine arab single  ArabLoveLine arabic girls

Here’s a tip for those interested in meeting arabic women: most of ArabLoveLine female members are cosmopolitan muslim women who wish to find an arab man that can swept their feet off!

ArabLoveLine FREE sign up

In the next part 2, we will have a look into ArabLoveLine sleek features such as chatroom, music, videos, forum and blog Review Part 2

When you have signed up successfully, you will be logged into Frankly speaking, there is nothing much to play around except to look for members who are online.

arablounge online members

arabic girls

Most of Arablounge members have family roots tracing back to Arab countries such as Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq. There are also plenty of members who has ethnic background from Lebanese-American, Palestinian-American.

There are options for filtering Arablounge singles profiles to your liking. Should you wish to do so, you can either search solely for Egyptian women or Saudi Arabia women.

If you see a symbol flashing “Online Now” arablounge chat online now below a member profile, you have to become a platinum member in order to chat with them.

Many Arabic women who have joined are seeking different things; some are just here to meet new friends, some are lonely, separated or divorced looking for someone to take care of them. Some are looking for LTR (long term relationship), some are looking for a partner that knows how to have a good time!

arab singles Single Arabic Women
There are also Lebanese singles that live in the UK and United States.  ArabLounge is truly a mixture of exotic Arabic culture with modern outlook. You have to find out for yourself which type of minority group that suits you.

Click here to join ArabLounge for FREE

Meet beautiful Arab Muslim girls seeking love and marriage. Click below to sign up for FREE…muslim-girls Review Part 1

Arab dating is truly becoming popular with the rising number of modern Arab men and arabic women rushing onto the internet searching for their soulmate. Without discrimination and culture constraints, an Arab girl can freely choose and chat with any Arab men in ArabLounge. sign up has successfully fulfilled the Arab community who wanted autonomy and the ability to find their marriage partner on their own accord.

Signing up in ArabLounge

Signing up is Free in ArabLounge however the registration is a plain tedious process which consist of six steps:

  • choosing your nickname , password and filling up your personal information
  • describe your physical attributes eg height, physique
  • description of your lifestyle
  • describe yourself and the person you would like to meet
  • key in your headline
  • post your photo

All the fields are compulsory which means that you need at least thirty minutes to complete. Also your profile will be reviewed by Arablounge staff before being posted to the site which normally takes not more than 48 hours. sign up

ArabLounge Signup Step #1

arablounge signup step 1

Enter your personal information and choose your nickname and password.

ArabLounge Signup Step #2

arablounge signup step 2

You will be taken to a page where you complete a description about your physical attributes. As you can see on top of the page, there are advertisements even in the registration process! Although advertising is a source of revenue, however the act of putting banner ads in the sign up process appears to be over zealous and gluttonous.

ArabLounge Signup Step #3

arablounge signup step 3

Keep in mind that all fields are compulsory or you would not be taken to the next step.

ArabLounge Signup Step #4

arablounge signup step 5

Many prospective members will look at the way you describe yourself. This is how they formed a impression of you. Keep it light and write something like: “My friends describe me as a …” so that people will know that you have friends, not a psycho bonker!

ArabLounge Signup Step #5

arablounge signup step 6

Headline is the most important part of a online dating profile as it instantly make or break your chances. The headline purpose is to grab the attention of your potential partners. Make your headline thought provoking. Don’t write cheesy titles like ” Princess looking Prince”

ArabLounge Signup Step #6

arablounge signup step 7
Tips: Upload a photo that show you smiling.

Click here to join ArabLounge for FREE

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Meet beautiful Arab Muslim girls seeking love and marriage. Click below to sign up for FREE…muslim-girls

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